Car Buying Guide: 4 Questions to Ask before Purchasing Your Next Car in Georgia

Purchasing a car can be a financially straining process; if not a confusing one. Many a times, the car purchasing laws can be baffling and it only makes sense to be thoroughly prepared when you set out to purchase your next car. The state of Georgia is party to car purchasing laws that need to be understood in detail before you make a car purchase. As it ranks as the 24th largest state amongst the 50 states of America, Georgia is home to multiple car purchasing platforms. With various laws and procedures, understanding the right questions to ask is essential.

Therefore, before you set out to purchase your next car in Georgia, ask the following questions to get a comprehensive perspective of the situation.

1. When moving to Georgia, from a different state, which primary car purchasing laws should be taken into consideration?

Primary Car Purchasing Laws when Moving to Georgia from a Different State

According to the laws prevalent in Georgia, the car purchase should ensure the completion of a few basic requirements. These include a completed title application of ‘Form MV-1’, a vehicular inspection certificate and a bill of sale. However, registering a car from a different state, you should ensure that you learn about the EPA declaration of importing cars in Georgia and duly comply with the documentation process.

2. What is the tax rate applicable for the car purchase in Georgia?

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<p align=The tax amount for the purchase of a car changes as per the state laws. Unlike other states of America, there is no sales tax applicable during the purchase of the car in Georgia. Instead, you have to pay ad valorem tax. The ad valorem tax is a one-time title tax which is calculated on the total value of the transaction. The final price that you pay for the purchase of your car will include the ad valorem tax as well. Therefore, make sure that you are aware of the tax amount when you purchase your next car in Georgia.

3. How to obtain a temporary tag for the purchase of the car?

Obtain a temporary tag for the purchase of the car

When you purchase your car in Georgia, obtain a temporary tag from the car dealership. The temporary tag will be valid for a period of 30 days, within which the required paperwork for the title and registration of the car will be carried out. Under the laws of Georgia, if you are not able to complete the registration within the stipulated time frame, a penalty of $10 is applicable. If you do not obtain your temporary tag within the first 25 days, you can apply for another temporary tag at the local tax commissioner’s office of Georgia.

4. How to obtain Auto Loans in Georgia?

Obtain Auto Loans in Georgia

There are several options for obtaining auto loans in Georgia. If your credit score is excellent, traditional lenders such as local banks will offer you quick loan quotes. But, if your credit score is bad, it is advisable to opt for bad credit auto loans from online financing companies. Such companies have connections with several lenders and dealers. And, it will increase your chances of getting approval.

Buying your next car in Georgia should not be confusing. Asking the right questions makes all the difference. Keep these questions in mind as you purchase your next car in Georgia.