Choose a car from a plethora of options without worrying about an auto loan. We will find you guaranteed credit approval dealerships near you even with bad credit. It offers you the convenience of shopping for a car and an auto loan in one place only. Apply now; bring home your favorite car.

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Is your local bank rejecting your auto loan application because of your credit score? Is your credit union providing you with loan rates that have the potential to damage your monthly budget? If your credit score is not good, it doesn't mean that you have to settle for any type of auto loan option offered to you. There is one more option - bad credit dealership financing.

We will help you obtain bad credit dealership financing and make car buying a child's play for you.

Bad Credit Dealership Financing – Easy Finance for your Car

If you are buying a car from a dealer, then why not get an auto loan from him? Dealership financing is a friend in your hour of need. The dealer will not only provide you with auto financing options but will also help you choose a car from his dealership lot.

You do not have to visit several banks and credit unions and spend time in convincing different loan officers for approving your bad credit loan application. Instead, you simply have to choose a car and get financing for it from the dealer. Doesn't it sound easy? And, we make it easier. We will help you in completing the loan process online. Submit your auto loan requirements on the secure website and our loan representatives will connect you to a dealer that best satisfies your requirements.

Benefits of Bad Credit Dealership Financing

We assist car buyers in fulfilling their car dream. It offers bad credit dealership financing because of the following reasons:

1. Dealers are less stringent in approving an auto loan request. It means you can get approved easily even when your credit score is not good.

2. As dealers accept bad credit, you do not have to wait for several months in order to improve your credit score.

3. Dealership financing is convenient because you do not have to spend additional time in finding a car as well as loan.

4. You can finish the car buying process quickly.

As you are buying the car as well as obtaining finance from the same dealer, it will increase his business turnover. It means you will have an upper hand in the negotiation process.

Why would a Dealer finance a Car when you have Bad Credit?

A. Competitive Business

The automobile market is highly saturated. Many auto dealerships come into business every month. Also, the internet has widened the market phenomenally. It means there is heightened competition among dealers for getting more customers and more business.

In search for a larger customer base, dealerships have started approving loan requests of bad credit car buyers as well as people with bankruptcy in the past.

B. No Strict Lending Criteria

Dealerships do not undertake full-fledged banking business. So, their lending criteria are as not as strict as your local bank.

It is also important to note that dealerships work with several banks, credit unions and online auto financing companies. It gives them an opportunity to approve the loan application requests of people with credit score as low as 500.

The "Special Auto Loan Program" Advantage

Dealers work closely with auto manufacturers in order to improve the number of vehicle sales. So, auto manufacturers provide dealers with special incentives directed towards car buyers.

If you apply for dealership financing, you will be able to take advantage of things such as manufacturer-sponsored rebate program, low interest rate on specific car models, lower down payment, etc.

Who can apply for Dealership Financing?

We do not limit the dealership financing option for bad credit car buyers only. You can apply with us if:

1. You have zero credit score.

2. Banks are rejecting your loan application constantly.

3. Your loan application is considered weak by credit unions of your area.

4. A past bankruptcy has put you in the category of 'risky credit seeker'.

In order to apply for dealership financing, we require you to be over 18 years of age and needs you to have a valid SSN.

Dealership Financing Vs. Bank - Which is the Better Option?

There is no standard rule to decide the better option between the two. It all depends on your financial situation, credit score and requirements.

If you apply with a bank, you will have to walk down to the bank several times for getting the loan approved. Also, a bank's lending criteria are stringent making it a nightmare for people with bad credit history. Remember that a bank will readily approve an auto loan application from a good credit car buyer because of the lower risk involved but it may refrain from offering loan to people with credit issues.

On the other hand, if you opt for dealership financing, the dealer will do all the leg work of getting your loan application approved. Also, there are higher chances of negotiating a better deal with a dealer than a bank because the bank's policy may disallow you to negotiate the interest rate.

The benefits of dealership financing are many, especially for bad credit car buyers who are constantly overlooked by banks. Get bad credit dealership financing by applying with us. We provide faster loan process and convenient loan terms to make auto financing a stress-free experience.