Car buyers of Idaho need not travel to the lender's office for obtaining an auto loan. With us, you can put an end to your auto loan problems. Simply apply on our secure website and obtain fastest approval.

We are a premier online auto financing company. We are the first choice of bad credit car buyers because we ensure affordable rates, stress-free loan process, lower rates, and budget-friendly monthly payments. Apply now, become a happy car owner today!

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How to Get Started with a Car Loan Application?

Simply fill in the online auto loan application form. It will not take more than 2 minutes. We will connect your application to our network in your area and they will provide you with 3-4 car loan quotes according to the information provided in the application. Choose the best quote and visit a dealership near you to select your favorite car.

What are Current Car Loan Rates in Idaho?

Interest rates on car loans may vary depending upon the situation of the borrower. We will help you secure the best possible rates and terms. When it comes to bad credit borrowers, the rates may get a bit higher. However, it is an opportunity to improve your credit score and get better loan rates in future.
New Car Loan Rates (Approximately): 2.99% APR (36 Months) to 6.14% APR (84 Months)
Used Car Loan Rates (Approximately): 2.99% APR (36 Months) to 6.34% APR (84 Months)

What Credit Score is Accepted?

Bad credit auto financing is available to almost everyone including poor credit borrowers. We have a large network of sub-prime lenders and dealers in Idaho. They don't have any problem financing bad credit borrowers. Your application will be considered individually and loan quotes will be offered accordingly. Choose the best quote and select your car, truck or SUV.