Tips for keeping your Car Safe during Holidays

Christmas is just a few days away, and it is most likely that you are in the middle of last-minute shopping frenzy. But, don’t think you are the only one in search of great deals. Thieves will also be lurking around in search of cars and its valuables.

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Here are a few car safety tips to ensure a theft-free Christmas:

At Home

It is important to keep your car locked away in the garage. Thieves will find it difficult to steal a car or its belongings from a car parked in the garage because of your home’s security systems. Keeping your car in the garage will not only save you from thefts but it will also be helpful in reducing your insurance costs.

Also, remember to keep your car keys in a safe place at home. Don’t keep them near the front door because anyone can steal it without your notice.

While you are leaving Home

Cars usually take time for heating up in winter. But, that doesn’t mean, you can leave your car unattended for a couple of minutes until it gets heated up. If you leave the keys in the ignition, you are risking the security of your car.

While making a Brief Stop

Gas stations, grocery stores and drug stores are frequented by thieves because many people tend to leave their car running while running their errands. If you are making a short stop at the grocery store or the gas station, don’t leave your car unattended.

While parking your Car

  • It is essential to lock doors and roll up windows before leaving your car. Don’t forget to secure the top firmly if you own a convertible.
  • Park your car in a well-lit area. Ensure that it is a crowded street because thieves won’t dare to steal from a car parked in a busy environment.
  • If you are parking in a lot, choose one with attendants.
  • Make sure that you activate the security system before leaving your car.

In Plain Sight

What motivates a thief to steal from a certain car? More than often, a thief is attracted by things such as shopping bags, electronic items, purse, etc. lying around in your car. So, it is important that you don’t leave your valuables in plain sight.

If you have shopping bags in your car, put them in the trunk. Don’t leave anything lying on the seat, dashboard or the floor. It is also important to use cargo cover as it will do the work of hiding your valuables effectively.

The ideal way of ensuring the safety of your Christmas gifts is dropping them home before going somewhere else. Remember it is okay to spend fuel and time on driving back to home instead of experiencing the terrible disappointment of getting your gifts stolen.

Other Precautionary Measures

Here are few things that you can consider for increasing the safety of your car during holidays:

  • You can tint car windows to make casing of your car difficult. But, make sure that your state permits it.
  • An immobilizer stops your car from being hot-wired. So, if a thief breaks into your car, he/she won’t be able to start the car without your key. If your car doesn’t have a built-in immobilizer, you can obtain it from the aftermarket.
  • You can install a kill switch in your car. It will prevent a thief from turning on the car with your keys. But remember to install the switch in a hidden place because if a thief comes to know about it, he will disable it.
  • You can also use aftermarket equipment called LoJack. It is a stolen vehicle recovery system that will help you in tracking your car.

Don’t let the Season of Giving become the Season of Unlawful Taking. Stay safe by using the tips mentioned in this guide.

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