Convince Subprime Lenders: Get Auto Loan Approval easily

Learn How to convince a Subprime Lender to approve your Auto Loan

Buying a new car is a big and exciting experience. Sadly, for Americans with credit issues, the happy experience can turn into a nightmare. Constant auto loan rejections and exorbitant interest rates can affect your morale and keep you away from buying a car. If your credit score is not optimal, avoid a traditional lender such as a bank or a credit union and seek the help of a subprime lender.

Subprime lending companies are those financial institutions that help car buyers with less-than-perfect credit history. If you have a bad credit score or have a history of repossession and bankruptcy, it is best to work with subprime lenders. They have relaxed lending criteria and do not expect you to have a stellar credit score. You can get a subprime auto loan even when your credit score is close to 500. So, does that mean anyone can get an auto loan from a subprime lender? Is it easy to convince them?

What are the Common Red Flags for Subprime Lenders?

1. The Income Issues

When it comes to reporting their incomes, car buyers often make the mistake of mentioning their net monthly income. Subprime lenders are interested in knowing your gross monthly income. It is the income that you earn before taxes and deductions. It includes your total income before taxes, Medicare, FICA, etc. Lenders require you to earn at least $2000 as gross monthly income. And, if you report your net monthly income, it may not pass the lender’s stipulation. So, make sure that you mention your gross monthly income.

Another red flag for a subprime lender is low income. If your income is insufficient to make regular payments, lenders will reject your loan application. So, do not under-report your income to the IRS. You can get an auto loan with multiple part-time jobs. Although make sure that you calculate your total income by including cash and non-cash tips. Another way of convincing a subprime lender is to have a co-applicant who can strengthen your loan application.

2. History of Late Payments

Subprime lenders are wary of car loan applicants who have a steady history of late payments. If you have a few episodes of late payments due to unfavorable instances such as job loss, accident or prolonged illness, lenders can cut you some slack. But, if you have a habit of missing out on a few payments and your credit report includes repossession, getting approval for a subprime auto loan can get difficult.

The solution is to manifest yourself as a responsible applicant. Clear your credit score of errors. Pay off a few debts before applying for a car loan. Making a hefty down payment will convince the lender of your financial condition and help you gain approval even with late payments in the past. You can also convince the lender by promising to set up automatic/recurring payments for the auto loan.

3. Inadequate Job History

Stable job history is one of the prerequisites for obtaining low-interest rates. But, if you are new to the job, it can become a red flag for subprime lenders. They understand the need for changing a job to avail better opportunities. But, if you have been moving from one job to another in a quick succession of time, the lender may feel that you are not serious about your career. And without stable employment, you will be facing a situation of repossession in the near future.

Lenders require at least two years of continuous employment history. If you have changed the job in the same industry, it won’t be a problem. But, if you are constantly switching careers, approval can get difficult. In such situations, obtain recommendations from your past and current employers. You can even apply with a cosigner to reduce the risk. Spend time in choosing the right cosigner with a good credit score and stable financial history.

Work with Reputed Subprime Lenders for Affordable Car Buying

Just because your credit history is not impeccable, it doesn’t mean you need to shoulder the burden of high-interest rates. Tackle the possible red flags and strengthen your loan application. Once you have reduced the risk factor associated with your financial habits, convincing a reputed subprime lender will become a piece of cake. Understand the loan terms offered to you and say yes only when you have done your homework.

Remember bad credit history is your past. Do not make a hasty car buying decision and make it your future as well.

Bad credit history doesn’t have to lead to a disastrous car buying experience. Apply with, America’s reputed subprime lender and obtain quick approval. Guaranteed auto loan approval can be yours at the click of a mouse.