Southeast Texas Auto Theft Task Force’s warning to Car Owners

Southeast Texas Auto Theft Task Force warns against Auto Thefts


The Holiday Season is upon us! It is the Season of giving gifts, receiving presents and spreading joy. Sadly, it is also the Season of Burglary.

Southeast Texas Auto Theft Task Force has announced that an unlocked car is an open door for theft of holiday gifts that are lying unattended inside the vehicle.

The laid-back attitude of Texan car owners is evident by the numbers. Auto Theft Investigator, Ron Ross, informed, “Every two minutes, a vehicle is burglarized in Texas with its contents stolen.”

Most burglars hang around in the parking lots of shopping malls and mega stores. They wait for an opportunity to break into your vehicle and steal gifts and other important items.

In 2014, area law enforcement responded to more than 2,100 reports of auto burglary. It is also important to note that not only burglary of belongings but auto theft cases rise during the Holiday Season. Last year, 782 auto theft cases were registered in Texas.

What is the reason of Increased Burglary and Auto Theft Cases?

Holidays Season means finishing an extensive shopping list and buying gifts for almost everyone. In such a taxing situation, car owners often ignore the safety of the car and its belongings. The lax and easy-going attitude is the most important reason for rising burglary and auto theft cases in Texas. Many leave their cars unattended with keys inside which gives a golden opportunity to thieves.

It’s your Responsibility to keep your Car Safe


Keep your Car Safe


If you keep your keys inside the car, it can lead to a citation with a $200 fine. So, it is always wise (financially and otherwise), to lock your car and keep your keys with you. Also, it is important to hide your belongings from the thieves.

Prevention is better than Cure

Crying over spilled milk is of no use. It is important that you keep your car and its belongings safe from the prying eyes of thieves. But, remember locking your car and carrying your keys with you is not the only option. Learn more about keeping your car safe during holidays here.

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