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How do Lenders calculate LTV Ratio for your Auto Loan?

You are excited to begin the New Year with a bang! You have already found out your dream car and cannot wait to bring it home. But, will the lender approve your credit application? Will he offer you a loan amount to match the cost of the car plus taxes and registration fees? Learn how a lender decides on the LTV ratio; play the cards right and get the best deal.

A Car for Christmas: How to grab the Best Deal?

Want to buy a car during the Holiday Season? Christmas is a top-rated holiday for making the purchase. Learn how you can enjoy the best end-of-year deals and obtain big discounts from the dealer. Get ready to buy a car at reduced rates and end 2017 on a high!

Buying a Used Car: 4 Key Things to look out for

Due to global financial crises, used cars are fast becoming a sensible option for car buyers. If you want to obtain a good deal, do not say yes to any low-priced used car. Make sure that you do thorough homework and look for certified pre-owned cars before signing the contract.